Where can you afford to live?

Where to live in the UK

Thinking of Moving House? Not sure where you can afford to live? Well the BBC have put together a very handy calculator to show you where your budget could take you. By entering in some basic details like the size of house, your available deposit and your monthly mortgage budget the tool will show you … Continue reading Where can you afford to live? »

Thinking of Moving to Maidstone?


Maidstone has much to offer being situated in the heart of Kent and only a stones throw from London as well as the coast. It is surrounded by some of the most picturesque villages in the South-East, without the hustle and bustle of some other commuter cities. Maidstone is the administrative centre of Kent but … Continue reading Thinking of Moving to Maidstone? »

Top 10 Best Piano Makers

Piano Makers

Who are the Best Piano Makers in the World? We move thousands of pianos each year and often get asked who are the best piano makers. There are hundreds of piano makers in the world but only a few have the quality and history to stand out and be claimed as the world’s best piano makers. … Continue reading Top 10 Best Piano Makers »