Packing Materials to buy

Colin Batt Removals has a wide range of packing materials to buy, whatever you need, even if we are not organising your house removal.

All of our packing materials for sale are purpose-built using only the best quality recyclable materials. They are specially designed for removals and for protecting your goods during the house move. For instance, all our boxes are ‘double walled’ to ensure they have the strength to carry the weight of your goods and be stacked together.

Packing Boxes

  • Book Boxes (45x33x33cm)…. £2 + VAT per box (£2.40 incl.)
Tea Chests (45x45x51cm)…. £2.75+ VAT per box (£3.30 incl.)


  • Tape…. £2.50 + VAT per roll (£3.00 incl)
  • Packing paper…. £15 + VAT per half ream (£18 incl.)
  • Bubble wrap….. £1.50 + VAT per 1m x 1.2m (£1.80 incl.)

Mattress covers:

  • Single mattress cover (218x132x106cm) £1.50 + VAT per cover (£1.80 incl.)
  • Double mattress cover (226x173x152cm) £2 + VAT per cover (£2.40 incl.)
  • King mattress cover (236x225x183cm) £2.50 + VAT per cover (£3 incl.)

All of the above is subject to availability and prices may vary