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Coronavirus Update: Colin Batt Removals

1 May 20

There have been several developments since our last Coronavirus update at the end of March. As such we want to update you on our plans and the changes to our house removals services.

First Colin Batt Removals will continue to adhere to Government guidance. This is supported by the advice of our trade body the BAR (British Association of Removers). The Government and BAR recommended all removals companies suspend all operational activity. This has resulted in the postponement of all but the most essential of house sales and moves.

Colin Batt Removals, just like most removals’ companies in the UK, have followed these guidelines rigorously. Protecting the health of our customers and staff and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

We realise that this has impacted our customers and would like to thank each and every one of you for your patience, understanding and support.

Looking Ahead

Following the Government’s update to extend the lockdown until 7 May, we have decided to provisionally commence house moves from the 11th May. Customers with previous bookings will be given priority for their move.

To ensure the continued safety of our staff and customers, all employees will be issued with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and we will maintain our practical shielding and hygiene measures. PPE will be provided in accordance with the latest guidelines issued by Public Health England.

Our decision to resume our removals service is understandably strictly conditional of any further Government updates. All bookings will be made on a provisional basis only and we will obviously keep all customers informed of all developments.

Once again thank you for your understanding, patience and custom during these unprecedented times.


27 March 2020

After the Prime Minister’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) announcement on 23 March it is with a heavy heart that we must temporarily close our doors and stop conducting house removals until at least 14 April 2020.

House Removals

Our absolute priority is the safety of our staff and customers, and of course their families. The Government has stated that all house moves should be delayed until after the Coronavirus stay-at-home measures are relaxed. Sadly, we cannot conduct house moves and maintain the Coronavirus (COVID-19) social distancing measures. As such, we have taken the difficult decision to temporarily stop all house removals until 14 April 2020, at the earliest. If you see our vehicles about this is because we will be helping out the NHS if required.


All items in store with us will be maintained and kept safe. There will be no change to our storage service, security or insurance provision. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide access to any stored items nor provide any out-of-store moves. This is for your safety and ours.

Office Support

Our office staff are now working from home but are available during normal office hours. If you have any questions or an enquiry about a future house removal do not hesitate to call. We can be contacted in the normal way – 0800 328 9175 or info@colinbattremovals.co.uk. Unfortunately we cannot conduct any site visits or deliver / collect any packing boxes during this period.

We have not taken the decision to close lightly. However, as both a responsible removal company and employer, we feel that it is our duty to temporarily close down to protect the health and wellbeing of the whole community.

These are uncertain times for us all, but by working together, and following the Government’s guidelines, we can all get through this. We will continue to monitor the situation, and we will keep you abreast of any updates as and when we can. Thank you for your support and understanding. Take care.

Colin Batt Removals Team

Quality Removals Services Assured

We are very proud to announce that we have passed our initial audit for the British Standard for House Removals. We are now certified by Quality Standards Services as meeting the British Standard for delivering BS EN12522. This Standard covers all furniture removal activities conducted for private individuals.  The certificate shows that we are operating to the highest standards in the Removals Industry.

Quality House Removals

What is really impressive is that we not passed the audit first time, but we passed with zero non-conformities. This means there were no major or minor discrepancies with any of our policies or procedures. This is down to all the hard work the team did in preparing for the audit and the high standards we set ourselves, every day and on every house removal.

The audit examines every aspect of our house removals services and, therefore, it ensures we have the right processes, people and procedures in place to execute every phase of a removal. From initial enquiry, through the quotation to the move itself and beyond to our complaints procedures (not that we receive many of those). The QSS logo is your indication of a quality removals company delivering a quality removals service.

External Recognition

We are extremely proud to achieve this certificate but it is not the only sign of our outstanding removals services. You may know we are a member of the British Association of Removers, who also conduct an annual inspection of our business. Just check out the badge at the bottom of the page or read more about the BAR here.

Furthermore, last November we were honoured to receive the Customer Service Award from Business Awards Kent. The award was open to all small and medium-sized businesses from the Ashford area from all industries. We are proud to say we won, after beating some stiff competition.

Don’t just trust the experts. Our customers also provide great feedback of our performance. You can read these independently verified and collated reviews at Checkatrade.

Externally verified, certified, audited, reviewed and recommended, by any independent measure you can be assured of a quality house move when you choose Colin Batt Removals. Wherever you’re moving in Kent, be that Maidstone, Rochester, Canterbury, Ashford or Dover, we are your quality house removal company.

Storage Tips – Ten Top Tips for Storing Goods

There are many reasons that you might need to use a professional storage service to temporarily store some of your household items. You might be redecorating your house in Maidstone, downsizing in Canterbury or emigrating for a few years from Ashford. Whatever your reason, here are our top storage tips to protect you and your furniture and to help you manage the storage process. These storage tips are there to help whether you are using a professional container storage solution, self-storage or even using a friend’s garage.

Storage Tips - Professional StorageStorage Tips #1 – Dispose or Store

Do you really need to store these items or would it be better to sell them or give them to charity? It can be expensive to store items that you are never going to use again so do challenge yourself on the real need to keep your items. We can help you dispose of any unwanted items by taking them to an auction or delivering them to a charity of your choice.

Storage Tips #2 – Dangerous and Flammable Items

Remove any perishable, flammable or dangerous goods from your storage items as well as any liquids e.g. gas canisters, petrol cans etc. Perishable goods will only rot and damage surrounding items. For safety and fire protection flammable or dangerous goods like acids cannot be stored. If you have items such as these that need storage you should contact a specialist dangerous goods storage company.

Storage Tips #3 – White Goods

If you are storing your white goods you need to make sure they are fully defrosted, drained and completely emptied. Water and food are not good items to store as they can leak and rot, damaging the rest of the items you have in store. To help with this you may wish to hire the services of a plumber to help disconnect your washing machine, dishwasher etc.

Storage Tips - Container StorageStorage Tips #4 – Future Access

Before you pack and send your items to store have a think whether you may need access to any of the items while you are in store. For instance, avoid storing your insurance documents and passport etc. Make a note if there are items that are more likely to be required than others and tell your removal company what these items are so that they can store them in more readily accessible areas.

Storage Tips #5 – Owner Packed Goods

When using a professional removals storage service, we recommend you ask your removal company to pack all the items you wish to store. Removals companies cannot insure items that have been packed by the owner as they cannot confirm the condition of the item nor the quality of the packing prior to removal. We realise that this may be an additional expense you cannot afford and so if you do pack items yourself make sure all heavy items are placed at the bottom of boxes, all items are wrapped and boxes are not over filled. You can also purchase your own insurance to protect yourself if you self-pack.

Storage Tips -Professional StorageStorage Tips #6 – Oversize Items

A professional removal company will take your goods away and store them in purpose built wooden containers. These containers are approximately 7x7x5feet or 215x215x150cm and can store approximately 250cubic feet or 7m3 of goods. Self-Storage units come in various sizes from a floor space of 16 square feet up to 400 square feet. This means any large and oversize items of furniture that cannot fit into these containers or rooms will need special handling e.g. a ladder or a large sofa. Most professional companies have designated areas to be able to store these items. Let your storage company know if you have any oversize items to store so that they can prepare the appropriate space and equipment for your furniture.

Best Piano MakersStorage Tips #7 – Piano Storage & Antique Storage

Pianos and antiques are especially delicate and fragile items that require special handling and storage.  With pianos or antiques we would always recommend you use a professional storage company and mover to transport your goods. They will have the right equipment, skills and insurance to move these delicate and often heavy goods. When you are storing these items ask about heated rooms or environmentally controlled areas to keep your piano or antique in the best condition.

Storage Tips - Container Storage Inventory Storage Tips #8 – Storage Inventory

Once you have decided exactly what you want to store make a comprehensive list of all these items, including their condition and value (for insurance purposes). If at all possible we recommend you take pictures of your items so that you have a record of their condition. If you are using a professional removals storage service your removals company will make an inventory and condition report for you.

Storage Tips #9 – Storage Insurance

When you are selecting your storage company make sure you ask them about their insurance. You want a fully comprehensive insurance to protect you from any accidents that may happen, as well as fire and theft. Accidents are rare but you want peace of mind that your goods are protected should the worst happen. You also need to check that the full value of your goods are covered rather than only part of their full value.

Storage Tips #10 – Pack Early & Use Quality Materials

Packing takes time, it is not a quick job to sort, dismantle, wrap and pack all of your items and you have to fit it around work and family life. As such start your packing as early as possible and plan on doing a little bit each day and week. You can buy packing materials from any reputable removal company whether you plan to store with them or not. If you are sourcing your own materials make sure to buy ‘double-walled’ boxes and strong tape – the boxes need to be strong enough to take all the weight and be built to last. When packing your storage boxes remember they will be stacked together so make sure you fill every box and tape them shut.

Storage Tips - Packing Materials-Colin Batt Removals

Off-site storage can free up important space to give you more room to work, decorate or declutter. Whether you use professional container storage or self-storage you should plan ahead and get prepared, prior preparation really dies pay dividends. Our storage tips will help to get you sorted and ensure your goods are well protected. Give us a call if you have any other questions or concerns regarding storage. We will be more than happy to talk through your issues and help where we can.