Gold Treasure found in Antique Piano

A couple found a hoard of gold when they got their antique piano tuned. The current owners had been gifted the upright piano and they had commissioned some repairs and tuning. It was during these repairs that the piano tuner made an incredible discovery. Inside the upright piano was a hidden stash of gold.

Broadwood & Sons Upright Piano

The piano was built by Broadwood and Sons of London and was sold to a piano dealer or music shop in Saffron Walden, Essex. This was in 1906 but very little else is known about the piano. The only other records are when the piano was purchased by an Essex family in 1983 who later moved to Shropshire.

This is quite an extraordinary find. Over the decades of moving pianos we have found some interesting items but nothing like a bag of gold. Our finds include loose change, bottles of wine, mice (unfortunately), jars of water and books. Whenever we move a piano we always check the interior of the instrument to check there is nothing there that could damage it during transit.

Gold Hoard History

So far the origins of the gold have not been ascertained. It is believed that the hoard was deliberately hidden over a hundred years ago for safe keeping and was, for whatever reason, forgotten about.  The find was immediately reported and the gold has been taken to the British Museum for investigation. Ian Richardson, Treasure Registrar at the British Museum, said:

The artefacts might be older but they were hidden in the last 100years. We know that because of the age of the piano.

An inquest is ongoing in Shropshire to find the owners of the gold. Details of the hoard are being withheld so that would-be claimants can prove any link to the treasure is genuine.  If you know anything about the gold or the history of the piano please contact the Coroner in Shropshire or the British Museum. The inquest will be concluded on 16 March 17.

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