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Meet Our New Office Manager

A very warm welcome to Emily Martin, our newest recruit to the Colin Batt Removals Team. She takes over the removals Office Manager role, running the day to day operations and administration from our site in Ashford, Kent. Emily will most likely be the first person you speak to when you call the office to discuss your house or piano move. Please give her a nice friendly welcome next time you ring.

Office Manager

Removals Office Manager in Training!

Emily graduated University in 2011 with a degree in Business and English from Canterbury Christ Church University. Since graduating Emily has primarily worked in customer facing roles, whether this may be dealing with the general consumer or corporate clients. This education and business background means she is perfectly placed to take over as our removals office manager.

Emily has a good understanding of how to adapt and attend to each customer’s unique moving needs. She is all too aware that even the best laid plans do not always go as intended, be that a change in the completion date or delayed exchange. It is how we handle these situations, by working through these issues with you, that set us apart from the competition.

Customer Service is Key

Emily is passionate about delivering customer service and nothing but the best will do. This aligns with our company motto “Where Service is Key”.  Emily is determined that the whole team do all they can to achieve the best service for each customer. Emily knows that it takes more than just moving belongings carefully from one house to another to deliver good service. It takes a positive attitude, good communication and a drive to go that extra mile to really achieve excellent and memorable service.

Emily joins a great team and will be a real asset to Colin Batt Removals as our office manager. Her unique skills, experience and great customer service will help us all deliver you a superior and stress-free removal experience, from the first phone call to the last box moved.  Welcome Emily, we look forward to working with you.

Removal Reviews & Testimonials

Removal reviewsThanks to all our customers who have given us invaluable removal reviews and feedback over the last year. The word picture above gives you a feel of the great reputation we have in the removals industry. This feel these words are a reflection of the effort and attention we put into each and every house removal.

Removal Reviews

Your endorsements are the bedrock of our business and we are pleased to say that the majority of our work comes from your recommendations. Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to provide house removal feedback, we truly appreciate it. Currently 99% of our customers would recommend us, a statistic we are hugely proud of.

Removers_Removals_Review_KENT_2015Independent Recommendations

All our removal reviews are independently collated and verified. Good or bad the reviews are made public and give a true reflection of our performance. You can read all our testimonials and feedback at Every single comment and letter is included so that you can get the full picture of our house removal reputation. We want to improve and we can only do that if we listen to all customer comments and feedback.

The crew worked tirelessly and were always helpful and polite. Altogether excellent service.

Continuous Improvement

We continually strive to improve so that we can provide an unrivalled removals service. Your views help us with this and allow us to refine our house and piano removals service to help future customers move house more easily. For instance, we now provide a house cleaning service to take away that headache from your moving day.

Thanks again to everyone who has chosen Colin Batt Removals to move house and to those of you who took the time to write removal reviews – our business would not be the same without your support. We look forward to continuing to provide highly recommended house removals and to deliver on our motto ‘Where Service is Key’.

Removal reviews

Our New Website is Launched!

We’ve just created a new website – but you knew that as you’re already here!

We’re really excited about the new look and feel of our site. A big thank you to James Maiden at for pulling it all together. The website has some great new features to help you learn about us, what we offer and improves ways to get in contact. The new website explains our services (house and office removals, piano removals and don’t forget our storage services) as well s providing top tips to make your house move go smoothly.

Removals and Storage Website

Some of the new features on the website include:

Review Page

We now show all the independently collated reviews and comments from all of our customers. ReferenceLine independently collect and verify all reviews and publish every single comment, good or bad. We’re pleased to say that over 99% of all of our customers would recommend our house or piano removals service. You can find this section under the ‘Home’ tab on the menu.

Video Gallery

Check out what we’ve been up to and some of the more interesting moves that we have done. For instance we hoisted a grand piano onto a cruise liner! This section is also located under the ‘Home’ tab.

Of course the website also has all the features you’ve come to know and love. You can keep up to date with the latest housing market news and moving top tips from our blog, you can request an online quote and you can learn about the British Association of Remover and the quality standards we adhere to.

We would love to hear your views on the website or more generally about our removals company, all our contact details are at the top or bottom of the page. Take a look around…

Moving Christmas Wishes

Moving Christmas Wishes and A Happy New Year

Moving Christmas Wishes and A Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the team at Colin Batt Removals. Whilst we pride ourselves on being great removers the ultimate removal man has to be Father Christmas. He can deliver to every child in the land in one night…phew – just think of all those stairs and chimney pots! Whilst Father Christmas will be busy moving heaven and earth to get all the pressies to the kids, we will take a well earned break, the office will be shut from 24th December but we’ll be back to look move your house or piano from 5th January 2015. That said the phone will be periodically monitored for any emergency calls, just in case Santa needs a hand moving your new piano upstairs!


2014 was a great year and that is thanks to all the hard work the whole team put in. A big thank you to all our Porters who move your furniture, the office staff who arrange your removal and the management team who look after the rest of the staff. To celebrate we all had a Christmas party in Canterbury, Kent and had a traditional Indian curry! The vindaloo was too hot for everyone even in the depths of December.


Best wishes to all for the New Year and we look forward to helping all of our existing and new customers from Kent, Surrey and beyond with any and all of your house removals needs. Remember to call us if you need to move house, want some items stored after all the Xmas gifts you received, or have a piano you want delivering. Don’t forget we can help with document archives if you are doing a bit of office spring cleaning too.


All the best to you and yours and have a fantastic, fruitful and fun 2015.

Our MND Ice Bucket Challenge!

Colin Batt Removals Ice Bucket Challenge 

Along with the rest of the UK and maybe the world, many of us here at Colin Batt Removals have been getting involved in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for MND – check out our video here!

Thanks to the members of the removals team who took part and withstood the freezing challenge. All parts of the business took part, removal porters, estimators, office staff and even the managers! We appreciate their support and help with this very worthy charity.

The Motor Neurone Disease Association has challenged us all to throw a bucket of iced water over ourselves in order to raise money to combat a debilitating disease. The campaign has gone viral with each participant earning the honour to challenge three more people who have to complete the challenge within 24 hours. You can turn down the challenge by donating to the charity or just be generous and do both!

The campaign has been a huge success, having raised millions of pounds to help find a cure for this debilitating disease. MND is a progressive disease that attacks the nerves in the brain, motor neurones, causing muscle wasting. This effects everything from grip to breathing, standing to speaking.

Presently there is no cure which is why the funds raised by the MNDA are so important. There research is helping to deliver a better understanding of the disease and we hope will eventually provide a cure.

To find out more about this campaign and the great work MNDA do click here: