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The 8 Best Books to Help Children Cope with Moving Home

The 8 Best Books to Help Kids and Children Cope with Moving Home

Books are great at the best of times but they can also help children cope with moving home and here we have selected 8 of the very best. Moving house is not just a stressful time for adults, it can also be a very disrupting experience for children. One of the best ways to prepare and help children cope with moving home is to talk about it. We have selected what we feel are the best books to address the natural fears that children and kids have bout moving house. These books act as a great vehicle to highlight and talk through the whole moving process with your kids, making for a much smoother and easier transition into your new home.

Children cope with moving home

The Moving Book – A Kids’ Survival Guide by Gabriel Davis

Age 8-12 Years

This is a great book for all the older kids out there. It is packed full of practical advice and activities to make moving house an exciting adventure, from change-of-address postcards to tips on how to pack.  It is well structured and prepares kids for the trials and traumas of moving house. It deals with the all the worries and the full range of emotions involved with moving, from missing friends to new school jitters, to help kids focus on the positive side of moving.


Children cope with moving home

We’re Moving by Heather Maisner

Age 0-8 Years

Heather Maisner has created a wonderful book for infants and toddlers discussing the feelings and fears of moving house – Amy has to wave goodbye to her best friend and the garden she planted with her father. The illustrations by Kristina Stephenson are charming and add real warmth to the story. The book is designed to encourage younger children to talk about and address any concerns they may have about moving home.


Children cope with moving home

Little Princess Story – I Want to Go Home by Tony Ross

Age 2-5 Years

A lovely book to show that home is where your family is, not just bricks and mortar. Packed full of humour with simple language this book helps explain to children that once you move your old house is no longer the same. Great illustrations help tell the story and, if you already have some Little Princess book, your child will feel at home with the character.



Children cope with moving home

My Best Friend Moved Away by Nancy Carlson

Age 3-5 Years

Whilst not solely focused on moving home this picture book deals with one of the biggest fears that children have when moving – losing their best friend. Nancy Carlson’s heartfelt and colourful book highlights friendship in all of its beautiful moods. The story helps sooth the pain of losing a friend and has a positive finish that shows that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


Children cope with moving home

We are Moving by Mercer Mayer

Age 4-8 Years

The Little Critter series are a big hit with children and this book focuses on Little Critter dealing with the challenges of moving. Mercer Mayer has being writing and illustrating children’s books since 1966 and his experience and skill are clear to see.  Little Critter faces his fears – what if his new school is full of bullies? What if his new neighbours are monsters? – and learns that moving isn’t so bad after all.


Children cope with moving home

The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day by Stan & Jan Berenstain

Age 3-7 Years

An easy-to-read book written in a language that toddlers and infants will understand. By leading the reader through the issues of moving house the book provides a platform for parents to talk through their children’s own concerns about moving. It provides reassurance that some things will remain the same and that all their possessions, toys, clothes and books, will be coming with them. A delightful book that helps children learn that every cloud has a silver lining.

Children cope with moving home

Alexander, Who’s Not Going to Move by Judith Viorst

Age 4-8 Years

Another book in the Alexander series which sees him dealing with the trials and tribulations of moving home. Judith Viorst skilfully uses her trademark humour to discuss the issues surrounding leaving friends, favourite teams and generally being separated from all he knows. It covers a wide range of feelings that kids may be going through and addresses their fears and frustrations.


Children cope with moving homeBig Ernie’s New Home by Teresa Martin

Age 2-6 Years

Teresa Martin has written a great little book about moving house for pre-schoolers. Whilst young children cannot grasp the permanent change of moving home the different sights, sounds, smells and even tastes of a new abode can be unsettling. Big Ernie’s New Home normalises the extraordinary situation that moving can be for kids by addressing the fears, anger, sadness and anxiety that children feel during and after a move. The book promotes the positives of new opportunities and adventures that a move can bring. In addition Dr Jane Annunziata gives extensive ‘Notes for Parents’ on moving and provides a plethora of suggestions for smoothing the transition.

We are here to help you and your children cope with moving home. Please get in touch if you have any questions before, during or after your house move. We have more guidance and advice if you’re moving with children here –