Piano Moving Training

Piano MovingPiano Moving Training

Piano Removals are not easy and are not for the feint hearted, this is why piano removal moving is essential for safety and efficiency. Moving an £80 000 instrument that weighs 350kg takes strength, skill and brains, especially when you’re taking it up a flight of stairs or using a crane to put it through a third-story window. It is also not for the uninitiated or untrained and that is why all of our team at Colin Batt Removals get extensive and regular piano moving training.

Piano Moving Training Equipment

We have our own training pianos which we use to demonstrate and practice the techniques and skills required to safely and efficiently carry out a piano removal. We continually refresh the basics so that the whole team have a strong foundation of understanding; such as how to wrap a grand piano, where the balance points are on an upright and how to handle a harpsichord. We then cover more complex and specific items so that all our staff have an unrivalled knowledge of everything to do with piano removals.

Piano MovingTeamwork

Moving a piano takes teamwork, you can’t move a 9’ concert grand on your own. Piano removals also require trust, good communication and understanding, which our monthly piano moving training days are designed to develop and nurture. On every piano moving training day we recap on real world examples of difficult piano removals. For instance, how to take a piano up a spiral staircase or remove an antique piano’s weak legs. We even cover how to remove windows, build a piano crate for shipping and how to construct scaffolding to allow our teams to get your piano to wherever it needs to go.

Piano Moving Excellence

Our motto is ‘Where Service is Key’ and we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke piano removals. This is the reason we dedicate so much time to piano moving training and developing our skills. We believe this is why so many piano dealers, musicians and manufacturers ask us to move their instruments across the UK and the world. Call us to discuss your piano moving needs:

Ashford 01233 740395
Canterbury 01227 752901
Maidstone 01622 235630

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