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Moving Christmas Wishes

Moving Christmas Wishes and A Happy New Year

Moving Christmas Wishes and A Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all the team at Colin Batt Removals. Whilst we pride ourselves on being great removers the ultimate removal man has to be Father Christmas. He can deliver to every child in the land in one night…phew – just think of all those stairs and chimney pots! Whilst Father Christmas will be busy moving heaven and earth to get all the pressies to the kids, we will take a well earned break, the office will be shut from 24th December but we’ll be back to look move your house or piano from 5th January 2015. That said the phone will be periodically monitored for any emergency calls, just in case Santa needs a hand moving your new piano upstairs!


2014 was a great year and that is thanks to all the hard work the whole team put in. A big thank you to all our Porters who move your furniture, the office staff who arrange your removal and the management team who look after the rest of the staff. To celebrate we all had a Christmas party in Canterbury, Kent and had a traditional Indian curry! The vindaloo was too hot for everyone even in the depths of December.


Best wishes to all for the New Year and we look forward to helping all of our existing and new customers from Kent, Surrey and beyond with any and all of your house removals needs. Remember to call us if you need to move house, want some items stored after all the Xmas gifts you received, or have a piano you want delivering. Don’t forget we can help with document archives if you are doing a bit of office spring cleaning too.


All the best to you and yours and have a fantastic, fruitful and fun 2015.

How Much does it Cost to Move House?

House prices have risen remarkably in Kent and the South East recently and so it is more important than ever to understand the other fees involved in moving home. When you buy a property the cost to move house is more than the price you pay for the property, there are many more fees and charges that you need to budget for. These fees can quickly add up and so you should account for them before you agree your sale and mortgage. To help you with this we have compiled a list of charges you should consider when moving house, everything from mortgage fees to house removal costs.

Removals in Kent

Colin Batt Removals Kent House Move

All house price figures were obtained from Zoopla using their Zed index and are accurate as of 21 October 14.


Zoopla currently estimates that the average house price in Kent is now in excess of £278,000 and has reached the previous highs set before the economic crash in 2008. This means that the deposit requirements for your mortgage are also increasing. Listed below are the average prices and illustrative deposits you may need for a variety of example properties currently available in Maidstone, Ashford and Canterbury.

Location Property Average Price 20% Deposit
Maidstone Detached £456,047 £91,209
Canterbury Flat £188,076 £37,615
Ashford Semi-Detached £233,222 £46,644

Mortgage Fees

You will be acutely aware of the costs and long-term financial responsibility a mortgage brings – with the added bonus of your own home! What you may not be so mindful of is all of the other fees mortgage providers charge you. There is obviously the interest on your loan but there are additional fees they may charge to set up your mortgage. Some of these can be added to you loan but doing this will obviously increase your monthly payments and the overall cost of your loan. The mortgage fees vary between lenders but can include:

  • Valuation Fee £150-1500
  • Set-up Fee £99-300
  • Arrangement Fee £0-2000

Stamp Duty

Properties bought for more than £125,000 will incur a stamp duty fee paid to the exchequer on completion of the property sale by the buyer. This fee is charged on a sliding scale dependent on the property sale price. These are set by HMRC and can be viewed at http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/sdlt/intro/rates-thresholds.htm. For an average priced property in Kent (£262,028) the stamp duty fee is 3% of the purchase price and so would cost £7860.

Purchase price

SDLT rate

Up to £125,000


Over £125,000 to £250,000


Over £250,000 to £500,000


Over £500,000 to £1 million


Over £1 million to £2 million


Over £2 million


Over £2 million (purchased by certain persons including corporate bodies)


Legal Fees

These are the fees incurred by the solicitor or conveyancer on your behalf for the legal work required to complete the sale.  The fees vary whether you are buying or selling (clearly you are usually doing both). The charges are usually between £300-£700 for selling and £400-1000 when buying. If you are purchasing a property the solicitor will also usually instruct all the relevant searches on your behalf (such as those to check appropriate planning permission, flood risk, chancellory etc) and these will amount to approximately £200. There is also the Land Registration Fee to pay and this usually varies between £20 and £455 depending on the property price. In total the legal fees for both selling and buying a property can vary between as much as £1000 and £4500.

When choosing you solicitor, surveyor and estate agent (see below) use a reputable firm and use firms recommended by your friends and colleagues – a cheap initial price can actually turn out to be very expensive. As always, obtain several quotes before you decide and always negotiate.

Estate Agent Fees

As with the legal fees these vary from agent to agent. The fees can vary anywhere from 1% to 3% of the final sale price. Your estate agent can also usually organise an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for you as this is a mandatory item for sale. The EPC will cost around £100 and so for an average price property in Kent the estate agent fees and EPC combined will set you back £2720-7960. Remember both the estate agent fees and the EPC charges are only paid by the seller.


A house purchase is the most expensive outlay you are ever likely to make as such it is always advisable to get a qualified surveyor to inspect the property. A home buyers report will highlight any major defects within the property and a full structural survey gives you in-depth detail on the state of the house you are considering buying. Either report could well save you thousands of pounds and a lot of heart ache in the long run. A home report will set you back around £300 and a structural survey start in the region of £500.

House Removal

Your house removal costs are completely dependent upon the amount of furniture and belongings you have to move, how far you are moving and whether you plan to do the packing yourself. Additional charges could be incurred for moving bespoke items such as pianos or fine art. Just like any other purchase do your research and use a firm recommended by your friends and colleagues. You can also use independent sites such as ReferenceLine to get a feeling for the company’s reputation.

We recommend you get three independent quotes from member of the British Association of Removers (BAR). Members of the BAR agree to abide by a strict code of practice and all members are fully insured. The BAR provide an online estimator for you to get a rough idea of how much your move may cost but always get an on-site survey before you choose your removal company.  We also provide an online form to provide you with a removals estimate, see the link to the right.




Buying a house is an expensive business with lots of additional costs to move house in addition to the actual purchase price. Careful budgeting is key as is shopping around, but do use recommended companies. After spending all that money on your dream home don’t start your first night there stressed having tried to save a few pounds by using a disreputable removal company. They are, after all, moving all of your worldly belongings so it may cost you more money in the long run.

For more house moving advice check out our helpful hints page on https://www.colinbattremovals.co.uk/house-removals/helpful-hints/

Kent Ranked Highly as ‘Best Places to Live’ by The Telegraph


Kent has scored extremely well overall in a recent ‘Best Places to Live’ index produced by the The Telegraph. The index was constructed using average weekly incomes, crime rates, health, home ownership, and economic activity.

Best places to live

We know that when moving house local crime rates, health chances and incomes play a big factor in your decisions. This index provides a simple ‘at-a-glance’ overview of the areas where you live. The good news is that Kent has at least 6 areas in the top 10% of best places to live from Tonbridge & Malling to Maidstone and Medway. The table below shows the highlights but he full index can be found at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/11041812/Mapped-the-best-places-to-live-in-England-and-Wales.html


Ranking (Out of 7137)

Ranking %



















Tonbridge & Malling



Tonbridge Wells






Figures accurate as of 19 August 2014.



House Prices Continue to Rise in Kent and the South-East

Property prices are predicted to continue to grow as demand for homes outstrips the current housing supply. The Chartered Institute of Surveyors (RICS) forecasts house prices will continue to rise at 6% per year until more homes are put up for sale. The housing market has been flat since the banking crisis but it is now showing signs of life and even vigour, with the highest number of homes being sold in the first 3 months of this year since February 2008.

In the South-East, in places like Maidstone, Ashford and Canterbury, the number of new builds is not keeping pace with the number of new buyers entering the market.  In London and Kent house prices are now above their 2008 peak and the Office for Budget Responsibility predicts house price inflation will reach 9% this year. One bit of good news for buyers, all of this upward pressure on house prices doesn’t seem to be deterring first time buyers. According to the Council of Mortgage Lenders first time buyers accounted for 44% of house purchases last year.

Recently the Bank of England tweaked its forward guidance, hinting that it may raise the interest rate to 0.75% in late 2015, and the Chancellor extended the “Help to Buy” Scheme until 2020. This all means that it could be the ideal time to get on the property ladder or upgrade your current house. Waiting another year may find your dream home more expensive, as well as the cost of your mortgage or a requirement for larger personal deposits.

According to RICS, estate agents have sold on average 22.7 houses each in the three months to March, the highest number since February 2008. Houses are selling fast and with this upturn in the housing market a lot of the associated industries, such as solicitors and removal companies, are also seeing fuller order books. This means that not only do you need to move quickly to secure your house but you need to book your mover early to avoid disappointment. Whilst you may not know your exact move date start talking to your removal firm early as they can help. For instance, use of short-term storage may unlock that complicated “chain” and actually save you money in the long run.

All the indicators are that the housing market is growing and growing fast, making it a sellers’ market. Get in quick to secure the best deals and don’t forget to talk to your friendly removal company sooner rather than later.

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How to choose a Removal Company?

How do you choose a removal company? With so many removal companies out there it is not easy and probably the last thing on your mind while you are buying a house.  However, when all of your worldly possessions are being moved you need to choose a removal company you can trust. You need a professional, especially if you have a piano or unique item of furniture to move. There are lots of removal firms out there but which is right for you and whom can you trust?

We are a professional removal company based near Maidstone, Kent and have specialised in piano moves since 1978. At Colin Batt Removals we prefer to have our reputation and our customers speak on our behalf. We have linked up with ReferenceLine to provide completely independent feedback from all the homeowners we’ve moved. So take a look at some of the responses we have received so far this year and let our customers tell you about our service.

“When Mr. Batt first came to give us a quote for our move into temporary accommodation, we were impressed by his courteous manner, his knowledge and the quoted cost. The team arrived at exactly the quoted time and went about their business with good humour (somewhat unusual these days) and professionalism. We were very impressed and have asked them to quote our next move into our new permanent home if you want a good removal company. Would call.”  Maidstone, Kent 26 Mar 14

“The move was smooth & stress free, with transitions between two properties (and the provision of all extra van & movers) was very well handled. The “movers” on the day worked incredibly hard & were at all times polite, friendly & more than willing to help in any way they could. We were consulted about any items that weren’t labelled with a room allocation & overall we were absolutely delighted with the service. Thank you.” Ashford, Kent 20 Feb 14

We started collecting this online feedback in 2010 but we have always traded on our reputation. The majority of our custom comes from referrals or returning customers, something we are extremely pleased and proud of. In fact over 98% of our customers would recommend us and are either “Very Happy” or “Delighted” with our performance.  You can see this and more in our latest ratings summary below, which covers all the feedback we have received for our house and piano removals since 2010.

Choose a Removal Company

Customer Ratings for Colin Batt Removals April 2014





















Whatever removal companies you get to quote for your house or piano move, get some independent advice and see what their customers are saying. Also make sure the moving firm you choose is a member of the British Association of Removers (BAR). We will explain why in a blog soon but in the meantime you can see more about the BAR at https://www.colinbattremovals.co.uk/about-us/british-association-of-removers/.

For a remover that customers say you can trust, look no further than Colin Batt Removals – 0800 3289175.  You can find more feedback at www.colinbattremovals.co.uk or www.referenceline.com.

How do you choose a removal company? Ask their customers!