Why wooden furniture, clothes and electronics need climate-controlled storage

temperature controlled storage

Understanding climate-controlled storage units

If you’re putting your belongings into storage, you need to think about the conditions in which they’re going to be kept. Certain items are more fragile than others and can be damaged over time by humidity, high and low temperatures, and light.

Not every storage unit offers climate-controlled storage, which allows temperature, humidity and airflow to be set at particular levels. Some units claim to offer climate controlled storage when in fact they only regulate for temperature. Make sure you check what you are getting before you commit to climate controlled storage.

Why do my belongings need to be in a climate controlled environment?

Large variations in humidity can cause natural materials such as wood, leather, cloth, felt and paper to expand or contract, metals to rust, piano keys to expand (and become stiff to use) and canvas to stretch and crack. If the air is too dry, glue can dry out and paper can become brittle, while too much humidity can lead to mould and mildew on works of art, textiles and upholstered furniture.

Changes in temperature have a similar effect on natural materials. Air conditioning, widely used as a method of temperature control, only makes things worse as it removes a lot of the water from the atmosphere. Wines in particular can be damaged by fluctuations in temperature and moisture.

By keeping your items – particularly those of value such as artworks, wines, furniture and musical instruments – in climate controlled storage, they enjoy a consistent temperature and level of humidity throughout. The changeable UK weather makes materials and electronics particularly susceptible to variations, making secure and temperature controlled storage even more crucial.

You can keep your belongings in a climate controlled environment indefinitely, and with complete peace of mind that they’ll still be in the same condition when it’s time to claim them back. Not only does that take a weight off your mind, it means the value of your items is preserved too.

How we can help

Kent removals and storage firm Colin Batt Removals provides award-winning, climate-controlled storage facilities in the heart of the county. They’re perfect for antiques, pianos, art, wine, documents and books – and anything else that needs special protection.

Our facilities maintain a temperature of 20°C, probably pretty much the same as you have in your home, and a safe humidity is constantly maintained. There are no windows, so your belongings won’t be damaged by ultraviolet light, and each item is carefully wrapped for further protection from light and physical damage. The building is protected by security guards, an electronic gate, CCTV and security and fire alarms.

Our Kent storage facilities are easy to get to from just about anywhere in the county, including the Ashford, Maidstone, Canterbury Folkestone and Tonbridge areas – and of course, since we’re a removal firm, we can collect and deliver your belongings to any location you wish. To find out more about how we can take care of your treasured possessions, and get a free estimate, just give us a call on 01233 740395.

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