Moving Home Top Tips to Save You Money

Here are some moving home top tips and handy hints to help you plan your house removal. Remember prior planning and preparation really does pay dividends when it comes to moving home.

Moving Home Top Tips #1 -Timing

Fridays, the last week of every month, and around Bank Holidays are a removal companies busiest time and so tend to be the most expensive. Moving house outside of these times will reduce your costs and improve your choice. Work with your solicitor to fix a date that suits you as soon as possible and let your remover know.

Moving Home Top Tips #2 -Declutter

Removing unwanted items before you house move always saves money. Local charities are always grateful for everything from shirts to sofas, DVDs to desks. You don’t want to pay to move some items of furniture that you know won’t be needed at your new property.

Moving Home Top Tips #3 -Packing

Packing yourself will help save the pennies but you’ll need to factor in your time, the stress and extra hassle. You should also bear in mind that items packed by the owner are not covered by removals insurance. In the long run it may work out cheaper to ask your removal company to do the packing for you, it is definitely less stressful.

Moving Home Top Tips #4 – Quotes

We always recommend getting at least three on-site quotes from members of the British Association of Removers (BAR). Online quotes may seem cheaper but they lack detail and you can get late notice charges if all the information hasn’t been provided upfront. Also it is worth remembering that the lowest price doesn’t always mean the cheapest removal in the long run – damages and delays can increase your costs. Always choose a reputable company and see what their previous customers have said about their service. You can find all our reviews at Referenceline, a third party independent company that tracks our reputation and provides customer feedback.

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