Packing Advice from Kent Removal Specialists, Colin Batt Removals

Here is our packing advice for stress-free removals…
  • Always tape the bottom of the boxes (1 across the middle and 2 along the short edges)
  • When full make sure the box is sealed and not over-flowing
  • Do not fill large boxes full of books or very heavy objects. Use smaller boxes or half fill them with heavy items and then fill the remainder with light items
  • Always fill boxes, do not half fill them as they will crush easily
  • When packing china and fragile items try and put a layer of padding at the top of the box (ie linen, cushions, clothes, screwed up paper etc)
  • If you have large pictures that do not fit in a box please wrap these, to protect the frame and the picture itself. (using bubble wrap, paper blankets or blankets) This can be done on the day by our team but if you want extra protection you can do this prior to the move
  • Try not to use too many very small boxes such as wine boxes as moving these takes a long time and can prolong the length of the move