Moving House Advice

Moving house is difficult and there is more to think about than just the physical move. As one of the leading removal companies we have produced a checklist for you here, which in addition to our Helpful Hints page, should help to make your house move go smoothly.

  • ChecklistConfirm the moving date
  • Sign and return the removal contract and return it to the movers with the payment
  • Give us a contact number, ideally a mobile as you may be disconnecting the landline
  • Get rid of anything you don’t want
  • Start running down the freezer contents
  • Arrange to have services such as gas and electricity disconnected at your old house and connected at your new home.
  • Provide the TV licensing people, the DVLA and the Passport Office, etc, with your new address (the fines can be very large!)
  • Cancel/change all rental agreements
  • Cancel or update your house insurance and get cover for your new property
  • Notify the doctor, dentist, optician, vet, etc. of your new address
  • Inform your telephone/broadband provider
  • Arrange to have your post forwarded to your new address
  • Check and map the route to your new house
  • Clear the loft
  • Organise parking outside your new home for the removal lorry (Contact the Police if necessary)
  • Make sure your bank and savings account holders know your new address
  • Plan where everything will go in your new home
  • Cancel milk and newspapers
  • Clean out and defrost the freezer
  • Sort out who will look after children/pets on moving day
  • Find and label keys
  • Send new address cards to friends and relatives
  • Separate jewellery and small items from general packing
  • Put the garage/garden tools together

Click here to download the checklist