Moving house with Children

House moves can be a difficult time, especially when moving with children or pets. Here is some advice and tips on how to prepare for your house removal and to make it easier for your kids and pets.

Moving with Children

Moving with kids

Moving with children

Moving house can be stressful for children, they may be nervous about their new school, afraid that they will not make new friends and feel upset about leaving what they know. Helping your child to understand the move, the challenges they may face and what to expect can really help. There are some great books out there to help with this and we recommend a few in our blog – The 8 Best Books to Help Children Cope with Moving Home.

Packing. Before you move it may help your child to pack their own bag or box with their favourite things- things they will want straight away in the new house. Things like stuffed animals, photos, favourite toys, anything that makes them feel at home. This can really help prepare them for the move and with the transition into their new home.

Moving Day. If you have young children it is a good idea to have someone there to look after them or they go to a friend’s house during the move. Then you can focus on the move without worrying about the children. They can then meet you to explore their new home once everything is moved in.

Moving House with Pets

moving with pets

Moving with pets

Pets are habitual creatures and therefore moving home can be stressful for them too. Moving day itself can be particularly disruptive and stressful, with lots of strangers entering their domain. We recommend that if at all possible you ask a friend to look after your pet during the move. This is easier on them, is safer and is also one less thing you have to worry about. Do not forget to put aside some pet food before you get the house fully packed.

When you arrive at your new home we advocate that you wait until everything is unloaded from the lorry before you introduce them to their new surroundings and you have your pets bed/basket/cage and toys available. It is also a good idea to encourage your pet to go to the toilet before entering your new home.

For more general advice on moving house go to our Tips for moving home page or see our packing page, which contains advice on how to get your home ready for the move.

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