Removal Advice

Moving home can be stressful with lots of things to organise. To help out we have put together a list of top tips and helpful hints from our years of experience. It is not exhaustive but will hopefully help you on your way to your new home.

Planning Your Move

  • Helpful HintsThe date: Arrange this as far ahead as possible with the removal companies. Try to avoid postponing or cancelling your move, as this can be costly
  • The new home: Make sure you have a map of where your new home is and keep the address handy.
  • Main services: Make arrangements to have the gas and electricity connected before you arrive and the meters read at your existing property.
  • Carpets/curtains: We can lift carpets and take down curtains or blinds if you ask us in advance.
  • System furniture: In theory it should be possible to dismantle and reassemble system furniture. In practice it never goes back together again in quite the same way and so we are unable to insure it. It can be moved assembled, but note that the joints may work loose.
  • Packing: If you are paying for a total packing service, then leave it to the professionals. The insurance does not cover items you pack yourself.
  • Special items: If you are concerned about any specific items, then talk to us about them before the day of the move. We can give you advice and put your mind at rest.

Just Before Moving Day 

  • Drawers: Leave drawers as they are but do not lock them and avoid overfilling them.
  • Plan: Work out where you want your possessions in the new house. A plan is helpful. Make sure someone is at the new house to show the removal men where things go.
  • Parking: Warn us if there are any parking restrictions either physical or legal, this applies to your current and new home. As a guide one moving lorry needs about 50 feet or 18m of parking space.
  • Flats: If you are moving into a flat you will need priority use of the lift. If the lift is small – or there isn’t one – then make sure you tell us in advance.
  • Unloading: Let us know about any unusual hazards such as small doorways, spiral staircases or access for the lorry.
  • Spare key: All too often the removal van reaches the new house before the owner – and the crew does not have a key. It wastes time and could cost money, so if possible give the crew a key to your new home.

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Our Checklist page has more guidance and can be printed out to assist with your preparations.

As always, we are only a phone call away for more advice and assistance, 0800 328 9175.