Colin Batt Removals’ Environmental and Social Policy Statement:

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As a family business Colin Batt Removals is dedicated to providing superior removal services to our customers in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. As such Colin Batt Removals is committed to continually improving its environmental performance, minimising the impact on the local, national and global environment. By setting a good example and working with customers, employees, suppliers and the local community, Colin Batt Removals aims to encourage all stakeholders to reduce their environmental impact.


Colin Batt Removals Environmental policy aims to:

  • Promote environmental awareness amongst its employees, customers, business associates and the local community.
  • Maximise the use of all resources and minimise the environmental impact of all its activities. This will include but is not limited to:
  • Maximise fuel efficiency through awareness, training, technology and regular vehicle maintenance.
  • Encourage the reuse and recycling of packing materials by all those associated with the company.
  • Ensure all future business plans account for environmental and social impact, a triple bottom line.


Environmental and Social impacts will be managed by Colin Batt Removals using the following processes.

  • Environmental and Social Policy will be endorsed by the Board and reviewed every five years, or when there is a major structural or operational change to the business.
  • The Operations and Business Manager has delegated authority and responsibility to implement the Company Environmental and Social Policy.
  • The Operations and Business Manager will conduct an Environmental and Social Review every 5 years to identify areas of environmental and social impact and recommend potential improvements.
  • The Operations and Business Manager will track and review environmental performance quarterly, producing an Annual Environmental Report for the board.
  • Recognising and complying with all legal obligations and regulations; such as Employment Law and Health and Safety Regulation.


Policy in itself will not deliver any environmental or business benefits, it is the actions of stakeholders, staff, customers, business associates and the local community, which will minimise our environmental impacts and improve the business. Therefore, the Colin Batt Removal Environmental and Social Policy will be pursued through the following activities:

  • This policy statement and targets, from the Environmental and Social Review, will be distributed and made available to all staff.
  • The policy statement will be made available to all other interested parties.
  • Senior staff will be made responsible and accountable for delivering against the Company’s environmental targets.
  • All staff will be trained and educated on how their actions impact the environment and affect the business.
  • We will work with and alongside our customers and business associates to identify and minimise our combined environmental impact.